TLDR: I recommend using the downloadable version and a joypad. Keyboard is not optimal right now, and web version is a bit bugged.

The story:
This is a game created for BialJam 2019 by a team consisting of me and my friend ( ). I did the coding part and he did graphics. Idea for the game was a result of us brainstorming. What you can see here is the legacy edition, just as it was shown at the Jam - the updated game will be posted soon. The Jams topic was "Hero's Time" and there was a special keyword added later - "Va Banque".

The game:
You play as an elemental monk. You must defend the crystal in the middle. You have separate healthbars, and you can attack the crystal to heal yourself, sacrificing it's HP. The enemies want to destroy you and the crystal. They have their own elements. If you attack them with their own element, you only hurt yourself. Attacking with opposing element gives the most damage - any other element deals medium damage.

The controls:
Joypad - move with L Stick and punch with face buttons. Top - air, bottom - earth, right - fire, left - water.
Keyboard - move with WSAD and a attack with JKIL. Similar to joypad controls: I - air, K - earth, L - fire and J - water.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5

Install instructions

Play in the browser or download the file and unzip it. You can play with keyboard and mouse, but a joypad is recommended.


Project Elements 1.1 95 MB
Project Elements - Jam Edition 95 MB
ProjectElements - 104 MB

Development log

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